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229-2 Leakage Current Tester

AC Current Leakage Tester

Small leakage currents can be dangerous! And even when they're not, current above the "threshold of perception" in appliances, motors and other equipment can cause a violent reaction from fear—resulting in serious physical injury. For service, lab, production or industry, the Model 229-2 makes it easy to determine product conformance to standards.

CAUTION! Leakage current may increase with use and aging of the appliance. Check appliances periodically for safety.

Conforms to ANSI C101.1-1986 "Leakage Current for Appliances"
Conforms to UL Safety Standards
Compensated to Approximate Dalziel's Perception Curve
Overload Protected Up to 500 V Peak Momentarily on All Ranges
Checks Both 120 VAC and 240 VAC Appliances
Includes Test Leads, Battery and Manual


Ranges: AC current: 0-0.3-1-3-10 mA AC voltage: 0-150 and 0-300 volts
Battery Test: Replace-Good
Short Test: Red Arc: 30 mA fs
Green arc: 10 mA or less
Resolution: 5mA on 0-0.3 mA range
Accuracy: 63% at 60 Hz
Input Impedance: For current tests, 1.5KV in parallel with 0.15 mF
Input Resistance: 0.5 for 150V Range 1.0 MV for the 300V range
Accuracy Vs. Frequency: Approximates Dalziel's "Percentile 50 Threshold of Perception Curve" within 61.0 dB
Overload Protection: Up to 500V peak momentary on all ranges
Size: 7" x 5-1/4" x 3-1/8"
Weight: 3 Ibs. (1.4 Kg)
Battery: 1 9V (NEDA No. 13F, 1604A)
Specifications subject to change without notice.

The NEW Carrying Case is designed to accommodate the Tester as well as test leads and accessories.

Ordering Information
Leakage Tester Catalog Number Accessories Catalog Number Accessories Catalog Number
229-2 Current Leakage Tester 12267 Probe leads w/ screw-on alligator clips Probe set, replaceable tip, banana plug Clip set, alligator, screw on Grip tip adapter, screw-on Lead set, alligator, banana plug 00125 07538 00425 00118 07500 Case, Yellow Padded Nylon Case, Black Padded Nylon Case, Hard Leatherette Front Load Case, Molded Plastic 00832 00834 00805 45028

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