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Measuring Equipment

We offer sales and service on the following measuring equipment:

70 series III Analog/Digital Multimeters
80 series III & IV Analog/Digital Multimeters
123 Industrial Scope Meter
170 series Digital Multimeters
180 series Digital Multimeters
190 series Scope Meter
787 Process Meter
Clamp Meters

Instruction guide for each model is available below

Other Brands
Digital Infra-red Thermometers
Sales and repair on all brands of infra-red thermometers.
In-house traceable certification using certified black box calibration standards.
Chart Recorders
Sales and repair on all brands of chart recorders.
Dial Indicators, Calipers, etc.
Sales and Repair with traceable certification available on all brands of indicators, calipers, thread gages, levels, standards, etc.

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