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606 Multicorder

Portable Flatbed Chart Recorder With Digital Display

Simpson's Multicorder is not only a flatbed chart recorder ... it is also a digital display monitor that allows you to view the electrical value of the inputs being received. This added feature and the wide selection of input ranges allows the user to meet almost any demand for today's monitoring and recording application.

3 1/2 Digit Display
Battery or Line Powered
Ink or Inkless Operation
Single Channel with over Over 20 Test Ranges
Roll or Single Sheet Paper Feed
Transparent, Hinged, Detachable Dust Cover
Records & Documents Test Parameters

Operating position: Horizontal, up to 30° tilt
Recording width: 100mm
Scaling: 0 to 30, linear, 15 divisions
Paper formats: Roll, 120mm , 16m. single sheet, 120mm x 210mm, recording length 180mm.
Type of paper: Standard or waxed inkless paper
Matrix print: Y: Division 0 to 30, 15 steps T: Division in centimeters
Pen types: Disposable felt pen, recording length < 1000m. Refillable ink pen with replaceable capillary or fiber tip, recording length approx. 1500m per filling. Sapphire stylus for recording on waxed paper.
Dead zone: 0.3% of FSV
Linearity: 0.25%
Response time: <0.5 sec
Recording speed: <20 cm/s
Cutoff frequency: <1 Hz
Measuring Documentation: Documents parameters selected and battery charge status on chart paper, activated by switch on control panel. Character size 5mm.
Digital readout: 3 1/2 digit LED display, 47mm x 14mm, digit size 9mm
Readouts of: measured value, polarity and overloading. Resolution 0.3% of FSV; 0.15V range: See "Measuring Unit" specifications for accuracy.
Voltage Ranges (calibrated): 0.15/ 0.3/ 0.6/ 1.5/ 3/6/ 30/60/150/300V DC/AC; 750 V DC/AC via separate terminal
Current Ranges: 0.6/ 1.5/3/ 6/15/ 30/ 60/ 150/ 300/ 600/ 1500mA DC/AC; 6A DC/AC via separate terminal
Accuracy: DCV ranges: 1% of FSV 0.15 to 300V
ACV ranges (average responding): 1.5% of FSV at 50 to 60 Hz 3% of FSV at > 60 Hz to 10 KHz 6% of FSV at > 10 KHz to 20 KHz
750V ranges: 1.5% of FSV at 50 to 60 Hz
AC A range: 2% of FSV at 50 to 60 Hz 4% of FSV at > 60 Hz to 10 KHz 8% of FSV at >10 KHz to 20 KHz
Zero point: Continuously variable form -100% to +105% Checking possible with measuring signal applied.
Input: Floating, asymmetrical; max. admissible potential difference between input and ground 750V; connection by 4mm diameter safety jacks or clips.
Input impedance: All voltage ranges, 1 MV burden voltage, current ranges, 150mV.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Battery: 1.5 Standard 2.5V Ni-Cad
Temperature ranges: Reference temp. range: +20° to 25°C
Operating temp. range: 0° to 50° C
Storage temp. range: -40 to 70° C
Safety regulations: IEC 348
Electromagnetic compatibility: As per IEC 801, Section 2 and 3v
Power consumption: <1W at signal freq. ² 0.5 Hz; max. 3W
Fuse: DIN 41662 (5 x 20 mm) or UL 198 (1/4" x 1 1/4") AC line circuit T 1.00 (1.00AT) slow blowing. Measuring circuit F 2.00 (2.00AT) fast blowing
Dimensions: 76 x 306 x 231 mm (3" x 12" x 9") (H x W x D)
Weight: Approx. 4.9 lbs (2.2kg) (weight includes Ni-cad batteries not included)

Writing speed: 12 switchable chart advance speeds 1-2-6-12-30-60 cm/h, 2- 3-6-12-30-60cm/min
Remote control input: Via 8-pole standard DIN plug, using TTL, CMOS or external switch (active on low)
Remote control:
STOP/ENABLE: Chart advance, stop, and activation of "PULSE" advance control.
REVERSE: Direction of chart advance is reversed; max. reverse feed 180mm.
PULSE: Chart advance controlled by external pulse
PEN: Recording pen lowered onto paper
Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.

Description Catalog Number Description Catalog Number Description Catalog Number
Model 606 Multicorder Ink Pens, Red (Package of 5) Chart Paper (Ink, 1 Roll) 40022 45009 45012 Sapphire Inkless Stylus Chart Paper, Inkless (Roll) Charger, 220V (European) 45010 45013 45014 Universal Kit, 14-Piece Case, Molded Plastic 05577 45011

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