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Digital No-Flow Timer (DNFT)

The Revolutionary Digital No-Flow Timer for Compressor Lube Systems

DNFT performs monitoring and shutdown functions like No-Flow, Low-Flow or Excessive-Flow for Divider-Block Lubrication Systems. The DNFT is a totally enclosed solid state electronic device for detecting Slow-Flow and No-Flow on in-line progressive lubrication systems. The Digital No-Flow Timer incorporates a crystal oscillator to accurately monitor the cycle time of the lubrication system enabling precision timed shutdown capability. An internal Lithium battery powers it, which is easily replaceable. All Digital No-Flow. Timers also come with a 3 year warranty.

The DNFTs come in three models to switch voltages up to 240 VDC:

LED model
LCC model
PRG model

Instruction guide for each model of the DNFT is available for download.

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