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Simpson Compact Meters Hand-Held, Special Function Rugged Instruments Perfect in the Field and for Laboratory Testing

MODEL 372-2—Ohmmeter, 0.2 to 50 M

Provides a wide range of resistance measurements in a small package. .2 ohm to 50 megohms. Especially useful for checking submersible pumps. Ideal for use in schools, on test benches or at incoming inspection facilities.

Ranges, 0-500/ 0-5000/0-50,000/ 0-500,000 Ohms; 0-5 and 0-50 Megohms
Center Scale, 5/50/500/5,000/ 50,000/500,000 Ohms
Accuracy, 3º of Linear Arc Length
Includes Battery and Alligator Clip Leads

MODEL 385-3L—Temperature Tester

Well suited to field service work by virtue of its small size and weight, the Model 385-3L is designed to provide accurate temperature measurements over the range of -50°F to +70°F (-45°C to +21°C). A total of three separate thermistor probes can be attached. Switch leads up to 50 feet long are optional as are surface temperature and free air temperature probes..

Ranges, -50° to 70°F(-44° to 20°C)
Accuracy, 1°F at center scale, 2°F at scale ends
Includes 15-foot Lead and Thermistor (Catalog No. 00010)

MODEL 379—Battery Tester, 1.5 to 90 V

Simpler testers may give false positive readings. The Model 379 puts a full load on the battery. Provides accurate indications of the condition of all standard flashlight, hearing aid (mercury cells), transistor, computer and portable radio batteries.

DC Voltage Ranges, 1.5 V/4.5 V/6 V/ 7.5 V/ 9 V/15 V/ 22.5 V/ 30 V/ 45 V/67.5V/90 V
Load Resistance, Within 5%
Includes Replaceable Tip Leads

MODEL 390-2—Power/Voltage/Current Tester

The most popular tester in the field for measuring AC/DC volts, AC amps and AC watts with one meter. Ruggedly built. . . useful in servicing practically any appliance because of wide coverage offered with four wattage ranges.

AC or DC Volts, 0-150, 300
AC Amps, 0-3,15
Watts, 0-300/600/1,500/3,000
Accuracy, 5% of Full Scale
Includes Break-ln Cord Assembly

All handheld testers have rugged, phenolic cases and measure approximately 3” x 5.9” x 2.5”. Weight is equal to 1.5lbs. (.68kg)

Compact Meter Catalog Number Accessories Catalog Number Accessories Catalog Number
372-2 Ohm meter 379 Battery Tester 385-3L Temperature Tester 390-2 Power/Voltage/Current Tester 12311 12380 12420 12481 M390 Break-in Cord M372-2, use Standard Banana Accessories M379, use Probe-Tip Plug Accessory Leads Thermistor Lead (15 ft.) M385-3L 07544 00010 Case, Black Padded Polyester 00836

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